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What is the Work Worth Doing? - A prompt

What is the work worth doing?

What is the fat worth chewing?

Why is the damn cat mewing?

Just ignore her. She just wants attention.

But what is the work worth doing?

What is the truth worth spewing?

Why is the cat sill mewing?

Just ignore her. She's after your pension.

So then, what is the work worth doing?

What makes a wife worth wooing?

Can you please stop that cat from mewing?

Just ignore her. She's not worth this tension.

But love is a thing worth pursuing,

And comfort a thing worth imbuing,

And your cat keeps on mewing and mewing.

Don't ignore her clear apprehension!

Cause what work in the world's more worth doing

Than allowing the love that's accruing

To be free for the taking and viewing,

And instating discomfort prevention?

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