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What Helps You Sleep at Night? - A prompt

I sleep best under warm blankets in a cold room.

I sleep best with a body next to me.

There's a song called "Weightless" that helps when I can't turn my mind off.

A hypnosis recording with the voice turned off, just the music to drown out everything else.

Kissing, sex, and masturbation all help me find a restful peace.

Sometimes, if I think of the color "clear" my brain will try to formulate it - try to imagine it - try to conjure "clear" into being, and as a result, my mind empties and turns off.

Sometimes, I think about the way one of my exes used to hold me, we still talk about it sometimes. We had almost 11 years of that routine, it is a comfort on lonely nights to think of, to remember.

My stuffed animals help.

And a pillow between my knees.

Sometimes crying helps.

Sometimes alcohol helps.

My cat used to sleep on my chest, and THAT, that worked really well.

But mostly the thought that sleep will help make things better, that when I wake, things will somehow be fixed...

That is what tucks me in most night.

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