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How Do We Endure - A poem

How do I endure

When connection was the cure 

for my depression?

How do I maintain

a balance in my brain

through touch suppression?

How do I succeed

When the contact that I need

has been forbidden

How do I hold fast

When the lessons of the past 

have been rewritten

How do I persist

When my brain likes to resist

all medication?

How do I succeed

When every touch I need

Holds hesitation

How do I make nice

While I try to pay the price

of my existence

How do I keep going

When closeness becomes knowing

Social distance

How do I endure

How do I make sure

I can survive this

How do we endure

How will we procure

A cup of kindness

How do we endure

When we're forced to mature

And beg forgiving

How do we endure

When we can't say "no more,

this isn't living!"

How do we endure

How do we feel secure

with lack of hoping

How do we endure

I need advice from your

new ways of coping

How do we endure

When trauma can obscure

that it's systemic

How do we endure

A life that's so unsure

it's called Pandemic

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