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What do you Love? - A prompt

Updated: Feb 28

May 6, 2020

What do you love?

Family first, and home. Home is with them, always.

West Virginia, of course, my Mountain Mama who held me at her hillside breast and raised me on Dandelions and Deer.

The warmth of sunshine.

A grey, drizzly, dreary day that reminds me I'm not alone - that even the Earth gets sad.

The first day I can smell the crisp breath of fall on the breeze, promising color and change.

Blueberries, their scent, their color, their taste, and the joy of picking them.

Words, juicy, expressive, enveloping words.

Water, rushing, trickling, falling, crashing, standing, washing over me.

Individuals, beautifully unique and perfect in every way.

Falling in love

Kindness, especially the anonymous kind.

Creating... in every way.


Seeing a friend after a long absence.

The way Cat reads poetry.


Physical touch.


A comfortable bed.

Towels fresh from the dryer.

And coming home.

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