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This Poem Isn't About You

Written March 6, 2020

This Poem Isn't About You

By: Kimmy Higginbotham

I promise I will never tell you this thing that isn't your problem.

I won't ever give you that weight.

I won't burden you with something that doesn't matter - something that we could never do anything about.

I promise I won't mar our friendship with my love

My silly, ridiculous, misplaced love.

I take full responsibility for my feelings.

It's not your fault you're so lovable,

And I won't complicate or punish either of us for it.

I promise...

I won't complicate your life...


I swear you will only ever know that I love you in all the ways a friend is supposed to and nothing more.

The important part is that you know you're loved, not the type of love.

The important part is knowing that you are happy, it doesn't need to be because of me.

And I really will be fine - that's not just a line.

I'm happy to be your friend, to be near you, to witness your happiness.

I don't need more.

And even as you read this you don't know you're you.

And I'll never tell.

I promise.

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