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Statements of Action

Updated: May 8, 2020

I give, I take, I want, I reject, I yield, I stand my ground

I Give - Feb 26 2020 - feelings from within the mask

A grabbing, groping, collecting

A pulling, a pooling, a condensing

A ripping, a presenting, a need

A desperation, an offering, a confusion

WHY?!?!?! Why won't you accept this? This gift. This part of me? *This part of me. THIS part of me. This all of me. Why don't you want it? Why is it not enough? I give it all. I give all of me to you. I rip myself apart, open, into pieces for you. A gift. I give. A willingness. A sacrifice.

I take - Feb 26 2020 - a short reflection

A clepto, a gremlin creature looking for gold and gems, a demon taking souls.

I want - Feb 28 2020 - looking back

Highly sexual, desperately sexual. My deep breathing dries out my throat. A deep yearning, needing, aching. I ultimately left this exercise feeling wildly unsatisfied.

I reject - March 4 2020 - short reflection

Why am I so different from everyone else? I'm always so opposite. Currently SO FUCKING ANGRY and forward instead of scared and cowering. I refused to give a single inch to these fuckers. I reject them because *I* don't want *THEM* and I force them away with my presence and persistence.

More to come...

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