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Drift Poetry

Inspired by Drift on April 26, 2020

Things I want for our “someday home”...

A Magnolia tree. A pink one. Fragrantly sweet. One of the first trees on Earth. Dignified. Noble. Beauteous.

A weeping willow. Strong, bold. A symbol of healing, growing, balance, harmony. And a place for our children to read.

Fragrant crab-apple trees at the end of the driveway. A frame of beauty and peace to pass through and mark our arrival home. Our arrival to love.

A short fence we can look over, and chat over, to the friends we make of our neighbors.

An arch over the gate with purple Morning Glories hanging from it.

And as many beautiful, fragrant lilacs as humanly possible.

“Hey, mom! What’s this yellow flower?”

No, I don’t want that for my “someday home”. I don’t much like the color yellow, but it sure is an interesting flower.

And, I want this forest.Tall trees with the ivy growing on them.

Also, Tiger Lilies - orange, and red, and every color they come in.

-Even yellow?

I suppose in yellow if they are mixed in with the others.

I think I might like stepping stones and a little bridge over a pond full of koi fish

A yard. Land. Lots of land, with a stream where our children can catch salamanders, and crawdads, and turtles, and frogs.

But most importantly.

A home. A home full of love, where our kids feel safe, inside and out. To roam. To express themselves. To experiment. And learn. And grow.

A home we make. A home we cultivate. Together.

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