Kimmy Higginbotham is an actress, artist, and designer from Good Hope, WV. She studied at and received her BA from Fairmont State University in WV before attending The Conservatory of Stella Adler in NYC and The Conservatory at Act One Studios in Chicago. After completing her studies with Act One she made Chicago her home. When Kimmy is not busy creating art in all its various forms she enjoys being physically active - taking long walks, fixing and building things, swimming, and roller skating. She loves camping, board games, sports, the wild and wonderful outdoors of WV, 4-H (she is a life-long member), dancing with no talent whatsoever, singing with little more talent than that, her cat Penny, and all things nerdy. She is in constant appreciation, gratitude, and inspired awe for all of the wonderful teachers, friends, and family members who have supported her. She would like to give thanks to The One, True Actor Niel Patrick Harris through whom all roles are possible.

Stage Acting Reel


Extended Stage Acting Reel



Kimmy Higginbotham


                Phone: (304) 476-3364                          E-mail: harmony77779@live.com

*Theater/Production                                                    Role                                              Director


Nothing WIthout a Company

         #RUWORTHY                                                         Intimidating Host                           Chris Sylvie

Magnified Gift Theatre

         Passin' Where the River Bends                                Ms. Woody, Laci Bridges                Leonard Robinson

Chicago Fringe Festival              

          Narratives of Achromatopsia                                  Brenda, Katrina, Elise                     Iris Sowlat (2017)

         MINE                                                                     Amber O’Donnell                           Vincent Truman (2016)

         Turn That Thing Around: A Manic                            Actress 3 – Cranky, Nurse 1,          Iris Sowlat (2015)

              Narrator’s Longest Ride                                     Dr. Dayagal, Girl who falls down 


  Viable Theatre Company  

         Killing Angela                                                         Angela Pierce                                Vincent Truman

         Venus Envy                                                             Rebekah Gloam (US, went on)        Vincent Truman


  Gorilla Tango Theater                         

         Burn: The Nowhere Hotshots vs the                        Alpha, Lady, Dontae                       Peter Storey

              Brain-plant from Beyond the Moon


  Emergent Theatre                                                            

         I Ought to Be In Pictures                                        Libby Tucker (US, went on)              Bobby Costanzo


Blunt Object’s Theatre

         Taming of the Shrew                                              Bianca                                            Bohrs Hoff


  The Process Theater Group

         If You’re Not at the Table                                       Melinda Duncan                             Michael Gellman

               You’re on the Menu


  Act One Studio Theater

         Laura Dennis                                                          Laura Dennis                                 Scott Olson      

         1001                                                                      Dunyazade, Mostafa                     Shade Murray

         Blood Wedding                                                      Death as a Beggar Woman            Kimberly Senior


* Film

         Tammy                                                                   Barista                                          Nika Moore

         FInal Cut 19: The Night Chicago Died                      Lauren                                          Mike Goodreau

         Snakebite Protection                                              Mindy                                           Ray McMillan

         The Deep Web                                                       Instructor                                      Louise Siffert/Anne Lauroz

         The Drunk                                                              Off screen voice loop                    Paul Fleschner


* Education:

         The Conservatory at Act One Studios – Chicago – 2009 - 2011

         Chekhov Intensive at Stella Adler – NY - 2009

         BA in Theater from Fairmont State University minor in Art – 2004 - 2008 *Member of Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Cast



Acting -  Michael Gellman, Kate Budeke, Larry Yando, Ted Hoerl, Scott Olson, Deb Smith

On Camera - Mary-Lou Belli, Nick Celozsy, Anne Jacques, Joanne Sylvestrak

Movement - Dawn Mora, Robert Schleifer, Jeffrey Ingman

Improvisation - Michael Gellman

Stage Combat, Clown, Mask  -  Stephen James Anderson

Viewpoints - Jonathon Berry

Alexander Technique - Jill Burlingame


     * Special Skills: Can pick up anything with my toes, Pizza slapping, Can turn both arms all the way around and bend at the elbow, Can pop right shoulder out of socket, Makeup artist, Juggling, Driver’s License, Can Drive a Stick, Accents (Lithuanian, Cockney, British, Midwestern, Southern, New York), Character Voices, Tae Kwon Do, Swing Dancing, Tap/Jazz, Speed Skating/Rollerblading/Roller Derby, Soccer, Swimming, Track (hurdles), Guitar, Piano, Oil Painting, Sculpting, Pottery, Drawing (Graphite, Charcoal), Horseback Riding, Calligraphy, Crafts of all kinds, Fishing, Tumbling, Cooking/Baking, Puppetry, Rifle/Pistol

Tel. 304-476-3364 / E-mail. Harmony77779@live.com

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